It all started in May 2021; our obsession to provide you with the most luxurious highest quality dates that will leave you coming back for more.

Date Emporium combines the two – in our eyes – most perfect ingredients: finest quality Medjoul dates with delicious Belgian chocolate. The result: a tantalising treat for your taste buds.

Each date is carefully hand crafted and we are sure that you can taste that care that we take in every bite!

What started as simply selling to close family and friends, today Date Emporium ships to the whole of the UK.

Our business not only benefits your taste buds but also the hard-working Palestinian farmers that we source our Medjoul dates from. This helps ensure that you receive only the freshest of products.

Date Emporium has expanded its range to a variety of flavours. Simply put, there is a date for all occasions.

Whether you wish to hide them away as a secret for you to enjoy by yourself or you wish to impress by gifting to your friends – we promise that our dates are here for you!

But that’s enough from us, we will let our product do the talking. Go on, we dare you….